DC Faucet

Earn Crypto Rewards, view Ads, do Offers, Surveys, earn Bitcoin Interest and lots more...


Amazing Features

Faucet & AutoFaucet

Our faucet has the best reward in a very short time so that you can obtain better income within our site.


Complete some simple tasks like faucets claim , shortlinks and more to get daily Bonuses, within our Achievements to earn crypto.

Level System

We offer levels referral comissions on our paid membership. You will have higher returns on your referrals.

Weekly Contest

You can participate in our weekly contests and be the great winner of our big prizes.

Instant Withdraw

Receive your Cryptocurrencies at the time you withdraw, without any delays or freezing!

Referral Comissions

Share your referral link with your friends and earn a percentage of all their earnings for lifetime!

Available Cryptocurrencies

You can view all supported cryptocurrencies here.



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How It Works.

DC Faucet works in the simplest way, it is only necessary to obtain an account, verify your email once within your user panel, you can see the different ways to earn cryptocurrency, media Faucet, Offerwalls, Games and others. We are one of the best platforms that you can find in the market with the highest rewards currently where you can get up to 50 USD per day through Offerwalls and others

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Start earning cryptocurrency on the best faucet site in the world by doing tasks, offerwalls, faucet, shortlinks, ptc.

Get your cryptocurrency payment instantly to your account.

Last Payments

You can view the most recent payments made in this table.

Username Address Method Amount
sumitjain jain.tel******** 247 tokens
LastKing starsab******* 936 tokens
edgard zinzin****** 2643.6 tokens
Rskinng8 bhlranji******** 254 tokens
Rizky7 rizkyst******* 862 tokens
cps6477 chandra******* 105 tokens
Altinatoss altina****** 812 tokens
Liliana tarnavska********* 2344 tokens
Luckyfreak90 sashutap******** 1383 tokens
Maxsteel17 Paypalna******** 1003 tokens
rheu kruglce******* 5704.4 tokens
dyuzhenkin dyuzhenk******** 2668.2 tokens
mickael m.k.l***** 1817.1 tokens
myxuyen trankim******* 444.8 tokens
sergei76 cergei7******* 1428.4 tokens
Sheloban65 Shelob****** 14395.3 tokens
Baibaiker526 Baibaik******* 14638.3 tokens
edgard zinzin****** 17937.8 tokens
Tolgweq Tolgw***** 14438.1 tokens
Boltcasat Boltca****** 14702.8 tokens