These are common declutter mistakes you might be making

There are some signs that indicate that your organization methods might not be working

Whenever you decide to do a big spring cleaning, you usually think of ways to permanently declutter your home. You set up a system that will have to ensure that your home stays organized all year round. But eventually, your home starts to get messy again and the system you set up is nowhere to be found. These are common declutter mistakes that indicate that your system isn’t working.
You can’t find anything
If you organized everything in your home but you aren’t putting the items where you want them to be, you might constantly be looking for things. And that is a sign that your system isn’t working. Shira Gill, author of Minimalista, and home organizing expert, told The Spruce: “If you find yourself struggling to navigate through random piles of miscellaneous clutter or can’t seem to quickly and easily locate the things you need, an organizational tune-up is probably in order.” Liz Jenkins, owner of A Fresh Space in Nashville, Tenn., adds: “Usually what we see is that an attempt was made but wasn’t necessarily implemented properly and they don’t have the proper storage solutions in place, making maintaining really difficult, if not impossible.”

Your house is a mess again
After cleaning up, your home looks spotless. Like it should be on the cover of a lifestyle magazine. But as the days go by, your house becomes messier and messier. Areas that used to be completely clutter-free are full of items. And you don’t even remember what the countertop used to look like. Jenkins explains: “These are usually heavily used spaces with a lot of things coming and going, which makes them ripe for disorganization. These are also the hardest areas to maintain without good systems in place to start with.” But you aren’t alone in this. According to Gill “The entryway tends to be a magnet for clutter because it typically serves as a drop station for all of our comings and goings.”

Cleaning is tiring
If it takes too much time and effort to clean your home, your organizational system might not be working out for you. It should make things easier for you, not harder. Gill tells The Spruce: “The biggest organizing mistakes I see are overcomplicating a system and rendering it too difficult to maintain. When in doubt, try the five year old test: Could a 5-year-old easily maintain the system you’ve set up with little explanation?”

So, if you notice any of these things after you’ve completely organized and cleaned your home, you might want to rethink your system. Gill explains: “The time and energy invested in creating a well-organized home pays off in spades and can equate to less stress, friction, and fighting, and more freedom, flexibility, and spaciousness.”

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