This is how you clean your induction hob to make it look spotless

You probably already own the cleaning solution!

An induction hob is really easy and convenient. But cleaning it? That could actually provide to be a pretty big chore. Especially when there are permanent circles on your induction hob. Luckily, there is a trick that will help you get those circles off. The only thing you need, is baking soda and lemon!
Induction hob
We love to search the internet for the newest cleaning hacks and tips that will make our home and kitchen look sparkly and shiny again. On Flavorflav.nl we found the perfect tip that can help you get rid of circles on your induction hob. And the best part? You don’t need expensive cleaning supplies for it!

Magic combination
This is how you do it: cut a lemon in half and dip one half into the baking soda. Make sure that the whole half of the lemon is covered in baking soda. After that, you rub the lemon with baking soda on the circles on your induction hob. Make sure you apply plenty of pressure. That way, the lemon juice is squeezed out of the lemon and mixes with the baking soda. When you’re done rubbing the lemon on the circles, squeeze the rest of the juice out of it onto your induction hob.

When baking soda and lemon juice are combined, they will start to fizzle and foam. Let the foam sit for about fifteen minutes, then wipe the surface with a dry microfiber cloth and a dish towel. After that, you’ll notice that the stains on your induction hob have completely disappeared!

Just make sure to check the manual of your instruction hob before you try this trick. You don’t want to end up damaging your induction hob instead of cleaning it.

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