Life-hack: an easy way to change your bedsheets

This will make your life easier!

Making the bed could easily be considered a workout. It all starts with the fitted sheet which requires you to twist and turn just to get it on – and it still doesn’t seem to fit completely. After that, you have to deal with the comforter and the duvet cover… it is just a complete hassle. But now, there is a hack that might change your life completely.
Fitted sheet
Are you always struggling to get your fitted sheet on your bed? Whenever you got one side where it needs to go, you start working on the other. Only to find that the opposite side is loose again. Well, mother of two Carolina McCauley from Pert, Australia shares a hack that might chance all of our lives. And it is a really easy way to make your bed.

All you have to do, is make sure that the label on your fitted sheet is on the right side of the bed. The hack will make sure that your fitted sheet always fits around the mattress and that it won’t take a lot of effort for you to put it on the mattress. Carolina says that the secret to a perfectly made bed, is to make sure that you put the tag of the sheet in the bottom right corner. So, whenever you make your bed, you look for the tag. Then align the sheet so it goes with the bottom right corner of the mattress. Your sheet will fit perfectly and there won’t be any seems. The hack has already been seen over 35,000 times and commenters are all impressed with this life-hack.

Next time you make your bed, it will look as if it was made by a professional!

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