This is what your handwriting says about your personality

You handwriting represents who you are as a person

Have you ever heard of graphology? It is the science of handwriting. It turns out that people can find out a lot about your personality by looking at your handwriting. Kathi McKnight, a graphologist, has students write the sentence ‘She sells seashells by the seashore’ in cursive. Try it yourself and find out below what your writing says about your personality!
1. Size
Let’s first look at the size of the letters you wrote. If you write large letters, then that means you have a big personality and that you are possibly extraverted. To back this up; it turns out a lot of celebrities have large handwriting. If you write small then you are a little more shy but really good at focusing and concentrating. If your handwriting is average sized, then you are someone who is probably adaptable.

2. The S’s
There are different ways to write an ‘S’ in cursive and the way you do it, says something about the kind of person you are. If your S’s are round, that means you are someone who doesn’t like confrontation. You try to make everybody happy and always want to try and find middle ground. If your writing is pointy, it means that you are always looking for new things to learn. If your S’s are open at the bottom, it might mean that you’re not currently doing what you want to be doing, career-wise.

3. Slanting
Some people’s writing slants. And if it does, it says something about your personality. When your writing slants to the right, it means that you are someone who is open and social. You are extraverted and like to be around others. If your writing slants to the left, you are more of a lone wolf. If your writing is completely straight without slanting, it means that you are very practical and rely on logic instead of emotions.

4. Loops
When writing the sentence ‘She sells seashells by the seashore’ in cursive, you’re going to have to make some loops. And those loops reveal something about your personality. If you close your L’s, it might mean that you’re holding on to some tension in your body. When you make full loops for your L’s, it means that you’re a very spontaneous person and have no trouble expressing yourself. If the loops on your E’s are closed, it is a sign of skepticism. It also means that you are unimpressed with emotional arguments. When you write your E’s with a full loop, it means that you are very open and willing to try new things.

So, does your writing match your personality?

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