9 surprising uses for your old plastic bags

Help the environment and reuse your plastic bags!

Even though we’re trying our best to switch from plastic bags to reusable ones, it can be hard to completely get rid of them. And we don’t want to throw them out because that is bad for the environment. So, that is why it is good to know that there are nine different ways that you could use your old plastic bags.
1. In the kitchen
If you want to make peeling fruits and vegetables easier, you can use a plastic bag. Just put one underneath your fruits and vegetables when you peel them and make sure the peels fall into the bag. If you want, you can empty it over the garbage or throw the whole thing out. That way, it served another purpose!

2. Umbrella holder
When you use an umbrella, it can be extremely hard to find a place to put it when it stops raining. Especially since it is soaking wet now. Why not put in in one of your old plastic bags? Just put the umbrella in the bag and tie the handles together. That way, you can put your umbrella in your bag without getting everything wet.

3. Knee pads
If you love gardening, you might want to save a plastic bag. Because when you kneel down in the garden, you need something to protect your knees with. And plastic bags can do exactly that! Just tie a plastic bag around your knee and say goodbye to dirty jeans!

4. Paint brush
Another smart use for old plastic bags is by using them to cover your paint brush. Whenever you’re painting and you need to take a brake, you can put the rollers and brushes in a plastic bag. Make sure to tie them or put a rubber band around them to keep air out. This way, you can protect your brushes for about a day.

5. Plastic gloves
Whenever you have to touch something icky, you need a little protection for your hands. And old plastic bags can do just that. So whether it is dog poo or hair from the shower drain; just put a plastic bag around your hand and grab whatever it is that you need to pick up. Pull the bag inside out and voilá! You cleaned up without getting your hands dirty.

6. Shoe protector
If you need to run outside in the rain but don’t want to drag any mud inside the house or ruin your shoes, a plastic bag can actually help you out! Just step into the bag and tie it around your ankle. Then walk outside and take the bag off before you go inside again. The mud will stay attached to the bag and your shoes will look squeaky clean!

7. Rain hat
If you’re doubting whether or not to bring an umbrella outside, then the plastic bag could – again – provide a solution. If you fold a plastic bag and bring it with you, you can use it as a rain hat whenever it starts raining.

8. Gift wrap
Need to wrap a gift but is there no wrapping paper to be found? Then you can use a plastic bag to wrap your present. Just find a pretty one without any letters on it. Use three bags to put the gift in and then tie all three handles together. Cut the loops and rearrange them to look pretty. A fun and environmental friendly way to wrap your gifts!

9. Plant filler
If you bought a pot that doesn’t quite match your plant in size and height, you can compensate with a plastic bag. Just put the bag in the pot and add soil on tip of it. That won’t just make your plant seem bigger, it will also make your plant lighter and easier to carry around.

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