Find out: this is how much sleep you need to boost your mood

Sleep can really mess with your mood

If you don’t sleep enough or if you haven’t slept well, the smallest things can cause you to snap at people or just feel completely grumpy. We don’t really get more reasonable when we don’t sleep enough. But how much sleep do you need in order to feel your best when it comes to your mood?
Eight hours
You need eight hours of sleep to function properly. So, it isn’t really surprising that you actually need eight hours of sleep to maintain a good mood and positive mindset, too. Eight hours of sleep will help you stay chipper and upbeat. Research executed by Jawbone confirms this. That means that you have another good excuse to catch some extra z’s!

Good mood
Jawbone is a company that makes activity trackers. They used data from thousands of users to see in what way sleeping patterns influence mood. And it turns out that the people who slept for eight to nine or nine-and-a-half hours each night, had the best mood. But if you sleep longer than that, your mood will actually go down again. So, sleeping for too long might not be beneficial either.

A little more
Do you always sleep for eight hours each night but you’re not noticing any difference in your mood? Do you always go to bed early and sleep the recommended number of hours while still feeling grumpy and groggy? Then you might benefit from sleeping a little longer every night. If you sleep an hour more than you usually would, you wake up five percent happier.

So, the secret to a good mood is to sleep plenty but not too much. That way, you’ll always wake up on the right side of the bed!

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