Smarty Pay ($SPY) Founder Led Tokie Farm Announces Seed Round on ATNirex Launchpad

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Tokie Farm announces its seed round on ATNirex Exchange & Launchpad. The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) will take place on July 28th, 2022, at 12:00 UTC. Investors can now register and be a part of the TokieFarm IDO, the token will be distributed on Token Generation Event (TGE). To create and operate a decentralized network, ATNirex Exchange & Launchpad brings together technical teams. Investors may also participate in NFT Power Stake Pools and earn passive income, which will be available from the pre-sale of Tokie Farm’s native token $Tokie.

The team planned to use the DeFi Platform to create a game experience where players could explore and acquire various digital products, such as land, crops, animals, tools, and much more, also they can build their assets. Tokie promotes having fun while making a profit.

The gameplay in Tokie Farm is reminiscent of classic DeFi adventures. Tokie may be earned through cultivating crops and raising livestock, which players can then harvest and sell. Smarty Pay, the company’s initial venture, introduces Tokie Farm, a self-governed community where citizens may run their enterprises and perform farming. Everyone can play since there is no requirement for a specific skill.

Binance blockchain will power the gaming platform, allowing players to link their crypto wallets, and fully explore while enjoying the gaming platform’s capabilities. The native token, $Tokie, will allow users to buy, produce, develop, and trade. The ownership title will be made accessible through NFTs. The game uses 3D technology and high-quality graphics to create a 360-degree virtual world for players to immerse themselves in. Each person may establish and extend their farms to generate income, thanks to $Tokie.

Tokie Farm’s creators aim to create a metaverse world that allows for a wide range of options. Play-to-earn gaming platform Tokie Farm serves as a bridge to the SPY-verse, allowing gamers to earn profit while playing. Tokie PPOB, Tokie Entertainment, and the integration of $Tokie into the SMARTY Platform e-commerce apps are all in the works and will be added in the future.

Tokiefarm’s initial project, Smarty Pay, was a resounding success, and in only one year, the team has accomplished astounding achievements. The smart contract security evaluation was passed with flying colors by the project. CertiK and Techrate, two of the most respected blockchain security audit groups, were responsible for conducting and verifying the audit. Tokie Farm’s CertiK audit, which is now half-complete, will be completed shortly and certified by the industry expert.

Incorporating the Triple Compounding System, Smarty Pay offers a DeFi 3.1 platform. Investment protocols on the blockchain are implemented using a triple compounding approach. To attain the maximum potential rate of compound interest, they use data analysis and optimization approaches. When multiplied by 3, it provides investors with the highest possible returns. The APY is maximized by reinvesting a user’s LP or staking returns.

An essential step in the realm of the decentralized sector was made with the release of DeFi 3.1, which will enable gamers of any age, from any genre, to participate in an entirely new universe of Gamefi that will evolve into the Metaverse.

As a result, it was included in 13 CEXes of various tiers. Tokiefarm’s creators expect that blockchain may well be utilized to generate more revenue. In order to achieve its aims, the Smarty Pay initiative has teamed up with several industry heavyweights and has invested heavily in global marketing.

The SPY Launchpad has been a priority for the project, and they want to create SPY Wallet, Wallet Converter, SPY DTP, and SPY Blockchain Mainnet. Tokie Farm will be able to take advantage of all Smarty Pay ($SPY) developments since $Tokie is a token that will be part of the Smarty Pay ecosystem.

Yanton Wirawan, the founder of Smarty Pay, leads the Tokie Farm team and has a wealth of expertise in the e-commerce industry dating back to 2017. Yanton has a clear vision and a well-thought-out plan. Furthermore, the Tokie team includes full-stack developers, blockchain programmers, and visual designers with experience in reputed firms globally.

Details of the Seed Round:


Tokie Farm is a unique game powered by Binance blockchain and created on a decentralized platform. It’s native $Tokie token will be used to play a fun game and earn money simultaneously. Smarty Pay ($SPY) founder-backed Tokie Farm revolutionizes the GameFi and DeFi industry with its unique offerings.

Website: https://tokiefarm.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FarmTokie
Telegram (Announcement): https://t.me/tokiefarm
Telegram (Group): https://t.me/TokieGlobal
Audit Certik: https://www.certik.com/projects/tokie

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