RLWC 2021: CoinEx Cheers for Athletes as the Exclusive Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

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On 15 October, England men will face the Samoa men at St James Park in the opening match of the Rugby League World Cup (RLWC) 2021, which will conclude in Manchester on 18 November with the wheelchair final and a spectacular doubleheader at Old Trafford on 19 November for the men’s and women’s finals.

For the first time in tournament history, the men’s, women’s, and wheelchair competitions will take place simultaneously, with the BBC broadcasting all 61 matches live. More than 600 players and 32 teams will compete across 17 host cities and 21 stadiums, including London, Manchester, Newcastle, York, Leeds, Coventry, and Sheffield.

Having been postponed from 2021 to 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s Rugby League World Cup will be the 16th edition, and CoinEx, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, will be cheering all teams on as the tournament’s exclusive cryptocurrency trading platform partner.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more prevalent in the sports industry. By providing easy-to-use crypto products and pleasant, convenient crypto trading experiences, CoinEx is committed to making crypto trading easier for all crypto users.

Currently available in 16 languages, including Chinese, English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, CoinEx offers products and services, including spot trading, futures contracts, margin trading, mining, AMM, CoinEx Dock, Pledging, etc. With over 3 million users across more than 200 countries and regions, the exchange provides an easy-to-use, secure, and reliable crypto trading service. Furthermore, it offers trading sections for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and stablecoins, as well as 600+ excellent, innovative cryptos, giving crypto users a wider variety of trading options.

In the past year, CoinEx has won the recognition of users because of the ease of use of its products, the speed of its service, the stability of its performance, and the smoothness of its deposits/withdrawals.

It is now CoinEx’s pleasure to be part of the biggest, most exciting, and most inclusive Rugby League World Cup in history and to witness the extraordinary performances of the participants at RLWC2021.

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