Gamelancer the Largest Gen-Z Gaming Network is Now Publicly Traded

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The world of gaming has evolved so much in the last few years that it’s almost unrecognizable to the industry we knew even 5 years ago. Along the way, we’ve been introduced to incredible innovations – from VR to cloud gaming to Web3 integrations and blockchain games. It’s almost too much to keep up with.

But now Gamelancer Inc, which has recently become a publicly traded company, has made it a mission to package and present the ever-expanding and multi-faceted world of gaming to players and consumers alike through their massive ecosystem of content, communities, web properties, and product lines all centered around the world of video games.

Gamelancer, at its heart, is about building communities of gamers and helping to curate the world of gaming for them – with premium social properties across Tik Tok, Instagram, and Snapchat capturing the attention of over 30 million gamers. These social pages have served as some of the largest hubs for players to immerse themselves in the gaming community for years, but now that the company is public they have decided to take things to the next level and become a full service B2C media company.

Along with cultivating these massive communities, Gamelancer has dedicated themselves to building a premium media arm with the aim of producing high-quality content to serve to their users. From up-to-the-minute gaming news, in-depth game reviews, engaging video content, and even their own games, Gamelancer is now more than just a community of gamers. It’s an entertainment and consumer experience built around the lifestyle of the modern gamer in a way that no other entertainment company has.

The first in this network of media products is Gamelancer.com, an editorial gaming news site built from the ground up to service Gen-Z – this means quicker, more authentic editorial content like up-to-the-minute gaming news and highly-engaging evergreen articles that focus on the three pillars that are important to this current generation: getting to the point, delivering information in an engaging way, and being absolutely trustworthy and real. This is where Gamelancer will publish all of the news and entertainment articles and videos that will engage their massive social media audience as well as provide a premium platform for brands to offer their inventory of programmatic and direct advertising.

Then there’s Gamelancer Studio, a white label production studio Gamelancer acquired earlier this year that will service brands by creating polished and effective branded content for massive partnership campaign in which Gamelancer will work with brands directly to sell products to their massive network of leaned-in users.

But Gamelancer isn’t satisfied to just create content around gaming – the company is also working on producing its own online gaming products – already in a partnership with both Snap and Tik Tok to produce a line of mobile games as part of their recent efforts to integrate gaming directly into their social apps. Gamelancer is currently in development on a number of these games, and more information about these titles and their release dates will become available in the coming months.

According to Razvan Romanescu, Gamelancer’s Chief of Strategy, their goal is to build a platform for all game lovers and encourage other game enthusiasts to never give up on their passion. They are using their online platforms to highlight some of the issues affecting the industry while supporting gamers to fulfill their dreams.

“For so long, gamers have been misunderstood as individuals who sit around all day,” says Razvan. “Many people assume that there are no skills or talents needed to become a gamer, which can make some players feel unworthy.” Together with the team at Gamelancer, Razvan is helping to build an entire entertainment and lifestyle brand that exposes that as a myth and shows that gamer culture is the best place to be.

“We recognize the power of community and understand the impact that gaming has in bringing all cultures together at scale,” Mike Cotton, the President and COO of Gamelancer Inc. shares. “Our roadmap includes premium content series, mobile games, hardware, and technology to elevate the gaming experience.”

But their ambitions don’t end there. To create a better gaming experience for everyone and change how people view online gaming, Gamelancer is also planning to launch a direct-to-consumer hardware brand called G-specs. This will focus on innovative gaming products helping online gamers from across the globe. The first offering from this brand will be the G-specs Controller, a standalone hardware controller dedicated to cloud gaming.

As these pieces continue to move into place for the company, their hope is that making Gamelancer a publicly-traded gaming network will give them the resources and mobility to be the largest end-to-end gaming conglomerate in the industry – creating the most tapped-in content about the gaming community, making their own games and leading the charge into the casual social gaming space, producing innovative hardware products, helping to further legitimize cloud gaming, and distributing all of this content and information to a massive and engaged audience of Gen-Z gamers.

And, in addition to all of this, the next logical step for Gamelancer is to become a full-fledged gaming platform – completely integrated into exciting new Web3 technologies like play2earn gaming, digital collectibles, and gaming experiences that live fully on the blockchain.

“We have a genuine relationship with our audience that was established under the auspices of nurturing and promoting the creator economy, in order to amplify the best content, with a particular focus on enabling diverse voices to find a home for their incredible work,” says Gamelancer CEO Jon Dwyer.

The Gamelacer team looks forward to providing continued value for the gaming community through content, technology, blockchain, and hardware as this massive shift in how gaming and the world intersect at scale continues to evolve.

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