Omnisphere: Technological Solutions Beyond Web 3.0 and Blockchain

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In a world that is quickly moving towards Artificial intelligence and decentralization, it is no doubt that web 3.0 and blockchain technology will most likely be the next big thing. The ability of web 3.0 to integrate semantics into our interactions with machines is outstanding. It can perfectly tailor our web experiences to personal taste already makes it a mind-boggling innovation.

There is no doubt that these technological solutions will shape the way we live in years to come. However, beyond these solutions are innovations that will not only shape the way we live but will influence how we see life itself. Welcome to the Omnisphere!

Omnisphere is a unique blockchain innovation that will enable users to be seamlessly onboarded onto web 3.0 applications. At the same time, giving the users full sovereignty over their data and all the security needed. All of this is achieved through the combination of decentralized capacity, blockchain, and private full-stack applications.

Omnisphere offers a platform that combines the best features of web 3.0 and the blockchain to provide a truly sovereign, efficient, and decentralized internet. In addition, users can exist digitally only once and exert complete control over their data. This rich data resource ensures that their web experiences are tailored to their taste and open up unending web opportunities.

What are the unique technological innovations Omnisphere employs to achieve this?

The Omniverse makes use of overlapping layers of networks, with each one fulfilling a specific purpose. This structure of networks enables the Omniverse to function perfectly while delivering value on many fronts simultaneously.

1. THE OMNIGRID: this is the first layer of the Omnisphere, and it is a distributed peer-to-peer network of computers that deliver computing, storage, and network capacity.

It is responsible for storing user data in decentralized storage and ensuring that users and authorized apps can remotely access stored data.

It is the base IT capacity layer that provides computational power to the UNISPHERES and the OMNICHAIN and is a leaner alternative to centralized data infrastructures that dominate the internet today.

2. THE OMNICHAIN: This is the second layer of the Omnisphere. It is a blockchain innovation that runs on the omnigrid decentralized capacity. It hosts all the smart contracts in the Omnisphere and also validates the transactions related to these smart contracts. This ensures data security as it is being exchanged through the Omnigrid.

The Omnichain uses a consensus engine that is built on top of the Polkadot blockchain. It sources information by interacting with oracles which are external sources of information, and then it captures and holds such information.

One of the beauties of the Omnichain innovation is that it can be seamlessly integrated with any blockchain network; this will make the onboarding of users very easy and accelerate the next generation of internet products.

3. THE OMNIVERSE: The Omniverse is the third layer of the Omnisphere. It is a network on top of which anyone can build web 3.0 applications; these applications enjoy total user privacy, high security, and immunity to censorship or data espionage.

The Omniverse contains unlimited Unispheres, which have countless UNIWEBS, OMNIAPPS, UNIAPPS, and UNICHAINS.

Unispheres are decentralized private environments running on top of the OmniGrid, they are integrated with specific communities, and each application is deployed in its Unisphere. A Unisphere contains a blockchain, an identity management system, and enough computing and storage capacity to host any Uniapp.

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