Blockchain Projects Change How We Do Business

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Technology advancements usually come with new ways of doing things and with the emergence of blockchain technology tech savvy pioneers are harnessing its power and developing new projects that are capable of sorting out various issues plaguing a diverse range of industries without any hassle.

While there are many noteworthy projects in the field, in this article we have handpicked three such projects that have implemented distributed ledger technology in a meaningful way and widely acknowledged by the industry.


Investors have fallen in love with Overstock’s tZERO platform which users blockchain to level the ground for those looking to invest in capital markets. Through the guidance and expertise of Dr. Patrick Byrne, tZERO is simplifying the entire process, offering numerous benefits through blockchain that could help leverage factors like rules and regulations in the capital markets sector. The platform addresses some of the inherent issues of the Wall Street to create a more liberalized financial market for the investors with digital issuance, trading, and settlements of securities in a fraction of time compared to conventional mechanisms.


Along similar lines of tZERO, Kristijan Sedlak has put his 20+ years of experience to become the lead author and developer of 0xcert, a blockchain-based open protocol management platform. The 0xcert platform introduces a way to create and verify fool-proof digital ownership certificates for a range of articles including collectibles, artworks and more. The project has various tools available for developers to build dApps for the purpose of managing ownership certificates and tokenizing assets.

And then there is RootStock (RSK)

The advent of Ethereum gave rise to the concepts of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts which are crucial for the development of blockchain-based applications for various use cases. While Ethereum is an ecosystem of its own, Diego Gutierrez created RootStock based on Bitcoin blockchain – the first cryptocurrency blockchain. RSK is an open source peer-to-peer smart contract platform that adds value to Bitcoin by expanding its potential to be more than just a medium of value exchange. The platform comes with its own RootStock payment network which is pegged 2-way to Bitcoin. Moreover, through merge mining Bitcoin miners are awarded by RSK. Apart from spearheading the development of RSK platform Diego Gutierrez is among the founders of the Bitcoin Community in Argentina. The latter has over 2000 registered members while its online platform has a membership of over 20,000.

North American Bitcoin Conference

With the above developers spearheading the development of unique projects in the blockchain sector we owe it to them to explore the platforms. The ongoing North American Bitcoin Conference will have these personalities attending the event, along with others of prominence. The keynote speakers at the event also include the likes of David Chaum – inventor of Digital Cash, Sang Lee – CEO and President of Darcmatter, Maja Vujnovic — OGroup CEO, and more.

Find the speaker line up for the event at – https://btcmiami.com/speakers/

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