WDMS Global 2022 to be held in Cancun, Mexico, focusing on PoW power and mining impetus

Bitmain, the world’s leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining servers through its brand Antminer, is hosting World Digital Mining Summit 2022 (WDMS Global 2022) from Nov. 8 to 10 in Cancun, Mexico. The summit will focus on proof-of-work power and mining Impetus, exploring new trends in industry development.

Bitmain has already held successful global-level summits, such as WDMS 2021 in Dubai in November 2021 and WDMS 2019 in Frankfurt in October 2019. Cancun, the location for WDMS Global 2022, is located in the southern Gulf of Mexico, northern Caribbean, and is adjacent to the United States.

The U.S. ranks first in the global hash rate, accounting for approximately 37.8%. At the same time, the Latin American region, located in the south-central part of the Americas, is poised to become one of the fastest-growing Bitcoin mining regions in the world thanks to abundant power resources (especially clean energy sources such as hydropower) and supportive local policies. Located in the center of North America and Latin America, Cancun is a connected and meaningful place for the industry. As a global resort beach destination, Cancun’s stunning scenery and warm November will inspire a unique and inspiring experience for attendees.

WDMS Global 2022 is co-hosted by Antpool, Antalpha and BitFuFu. The summit will gather industry pioneers and explore the drivers that PoW brings to the industry, from miners, mining pools, financial solutions, cloud computing power and new opportunities. The summit will offer advancement into efficient and clean mining, discuss hydrocooling technology and brainstorm about the digital future in Latin America.

PoW is recognized by the current blockchain industry and academia as by far the best decentralized technology consensus mechanism in human history. PoW consensus allows miners to compete for block creation rights by using professional equipment like computers and advanced mining equipment such as Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) servers.

As the world’s leading blockchain manufacturer for PoW computing servers, Bitmain provides extraordinary computational products and services, and strives to develop the ecosystem and support the community, creating more prosperous and cleaner PoW mining.

WDMS Global 2022 will present various highlights. During the summit, the Cancun S19 XP Hyd. Blast activity will allow customers with WDMS SVIP tickets to enjoy the rights to purchase the S19 XP Hyd. – one of the world’s best-performing miners. A mystery guest will reveal the promotional price at the WDMS SVIP dinner on Nov. 9.

S19 XP Hyd. is Bitmain’s latest Antminer that adopts industry-leading hydrocooling technology. Recognized as one of the world’s best-performing miners, S19 XP Hyd. has a powerful hash rate of 250 TH/s and low power consumption of 20.8 J/T. Besides the economic benefits, flexible adaptability, low failure rate, low maintenance cost and long lifecycle, hydrocooling products can also reduce energy costs, which aligns with the ESG carbon-neutral concept and Bitmain’s vision of green development in the industry.

In addition, WDMS NFT tickets will be issued at WDMS Global 2022. The NFT tickets are the first-ever themed NFTs officially released by Bitmain and the first NFT tickets for a global mining event, with unique benefits such as exclusive on-site experiences, a VIP banquet, Bitmain gift packages, an early Bitmain NFT airdrop and more. SVIP NFT holders can enjoy extra early access to the miners’ latest purchases.

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