KoreConX Offers Entrepreneurs Raising Capital via RegCF Its World-Renowned All-in-One Platform

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KoreConX is pleased to announce its complimentary support for companies that have raised or plan to raise up to $1.07 million through Regulation CF. “The JOBS Act Program is simple: companies will receive access to all the services and features of KoreConX’s all-in-one platform at no cost for their first year,” announced Oscar A. Jofre, KoreConX’s co-founder and CEO. KoreConX understands the challenging journey companies embark on while building their businesses, raising capital, and managing all of those processes. When the JOBS Act first came into effect, KoreConX was fully aware of the high cost of raising capital and managing investors at scale. Today, KoreConX is reducing the friction of raising capital and managing thousands of investors. The whole purpose of crowdfunding is to produce a perfect blend of investors, customers, and influencers. No company launches a RegCF raise thinking they will have a small and manageable cap table — it’s not the point. Statistics show that RegCF is gaining so much traction, so KoreConX decided that this would be the perfect time to help the majority of emerging growth companies that have already raised capital or are about to launch their raises.

“The objective of the JOBS Act was to increase entrepreneurial access to capital to drive job growth, innovation, and economic growth. KoreConX has emerged as a market leader in making that vision a reality: KoreConX helps grow the private capital market by developing and delivering technology solutions that support companies throughout their fundraising journeys. It is my pleasure to support the KoreConX JOBS Act Program, specifically for companies fundraising through RegCF and demonstrating their commitment to support companies and their access to capital,” said David Weild IV, “FATHER of the JOBS Act,” Former Vice-Chairman NASDAQ, Chairman and CEO Weild & CO.

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