ThreeFold and DigiCorp Labs Launch DigiThree Labs to Provide Secure and Private Metaverse-Ready Enterprise Solutions

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DigiThree, a collaboration between ThreeFold Tech and DigiCorp Labs that combines decentralized, sustainable ThreeFold technology with the eight-year battle-tested DigiByte blockchain, has announced today the launch of their new website and their initial suite of solutions.

Under the new partnership, DigiThree will offer a suite of cloud-based solutions, built to help businesses accelerate seamless digital transformation, implement highly-secure processes and use the vast benefits of blockchain to secure and improve their processes. DigiThree will use DigiByte blockchain-secured authentication solutions like Secure ID and Passwordless Login and will provide enterprises practical applications of blockchain and decentralized cloud storage and compute technologies for real-world business requirements such as video conferencing, secured file management and storage services, and business-secure web browsing, as well as logging capabilities important for enterprise governance.

“I’m incredibly excited about the partnership we’re building under DigiThree,” says Kristof de Spiegeleer, Founder of ThreeFold and Advisor to DigiCorp Labs. “Combining the decentralized, quantum-safe ThreeFold technology with DigiByte’s long-standing blockchain is the starting point of something incredibly unique. And with shared beliefs around decentralization, security, and privacy, DigiCorp Labs is the perfect partner to team up with in this endeavor.”

Jozua Van Der Deijl, CEO of DigiCorp Labs said about the partnership, “The collaboration between DigiCorp Labs and ThreeFold Tech is a match made in Metaverse. The features of the ThreeFold grid combined with DigiByte blockchain technology generate all the necessary attributes for security, self-sovereignty and scalability, which are key elements needed for a decentralized metaverse.”

Over the last decade there has been a substantial rise in the need for increased privacy and security as new vulnerabilities emerged from the shift to a more remote workforce which greatly expanded the cyber-attack surface and added numerous vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit from home offices. This has created a heightened need to keep users’ digital assets safe.

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