The Carbon Blockchain expands in Africa

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The Carbon Blockchain, Inc. (TCB), a carbon finance and technology services company that produces high-integrity carbon credits has announced the acquisition of Minerva Green. Minerva Green is a South African agriculture group specializing in the development of proprietary, indigenous African hemp strains. The acquisition will drive the expansion of industrial hemp cultivation throughout Africa and beyond providing:

Mike Laws, founder of Minerva Green, commented, “We are excited to accelerate industrial hemp production and processing in South Africa by combining advanced technologies with regenerative farming. Our focus will be on socio economic upliftment and the inclusion of local genetics and plant cultivation expertise.”

In addition, TCB has announced a joint venture with Serengeti Energy Holdings, a clean energy biomass and waste conversion firm based in New York City. The joint venture will focus on opportunities throughout Africa and biomass cultivation at scale, starting in Ghana.

Hamilton Caranda Martin, CEO of Serengeti Energy Holdings, commented on the joint venture saying, “We are thrilled to partner with TCB and leverage their expertise in carbon finance and advanced carbon technologies to transform the industrial hemp agricultural value chain with high-capacity green bio energy processing and fiber facilities, in partnership with hemp-producing African nations. This will naturally impact the environment, food and nutrition security, job and wealth creation within Ghana and the African continent, while aiding in reducing environmental carbon and deforestation.”

“These acquisitions and partnerships demonstrate TCB’s commitment to driving positive change and sustainability in the global economy through carbon finance and carbon projects. The opportunities in Africa make TCB a category-defining leader in this important market. The expanded footprint in Africa provides the foundation for TCB’s ‘Project Gigaton’ launching in Q1′ 2023.” said Daniel Higbee, CEO of TCB.

A carbon finance, carbon project development, and technology services company, producing high-integrity carbon credits, uses a variety of technologies, including smart agriculture and edge-IoT technology to track decarbonization, as well as blockchain technology to support online payments and market access. These technologies improve access to agricultural and trade finance, enabling small businesses to compete with larger firms. TCB is currently wrapping up its final seed round in preparation for its Series A funding round.

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