Sevio Partners With DMG Venture Capital for Better Content and Advertising Solutions

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Sevio, the company that has developed and grown Coinzilla, and DMG Venture Capital have joined their strengths in Q4 of 2022 to boost the content and marketing opportunities available within the crypto market.

With this partnership, the projects managed by DMG Venture Capital – Coindoo, MarketCapOf, and 10Reviews, will get updated using Sevio’s technology to develop new monetization models.


The recent collaboration between Sevio and DMG Venture Capital focuses on improvements brought to Coindoo and MarketCapOf.

Coindoo is a digital media and information services website operating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Out of a desire to differentiate Coindoo from other crypto platforms, the entire aspect of the platform has been changed. From the recent collaboration, Coindoo has a totally new design, giving it uniqueness and an improved user experience.

Furthermore, the platform is currently undergoing an extensive content audit to ensure the accuracy of the information it offers to the crypto market so that the community can access a reliable up-to-date information source.

Changes and improvements have also been made to MarketCapOf. The MarketCapOf tool allows users to compare cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and figure out what price a crypto coin would have with another crypto’s market cap. Now, the platform benefits from optimization and new advertising options like buttons and native ads.

Besides the recent updates mentioned above, Sevio and DMG Venture Capital to implement and expand new projects related to the crypto and marketing fields, namely AdTech and 10Reviews. Both are live, but constant improvements are still being made.

On AdTech, users can read essential, in-depth information about advertising technology, marketing tactics, and conversion rate optimization.

10Reviews offers well-informed reviews on diverse web platforms prevalent in the crypto industry and more. Some subjects cover the financial field, crypto gambling, and technology.

Sevio is an advertising technology company based in Romania. Its primary purpose is to design, build, and scale technologies that deliver results and advance the digital advertising industry.

In addition to the numerous projects it provides, Sevio is guided by concepts like continuous improvement, generating efficient work, and doing everything possible to push the digital marketing industry to new levels.

DMG Venture Capital’s mission is to provide quality content that combines tasteful design with valuable information about cryptocurrencies, their market, and more.

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