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Today Quivr, a decentralized social platform allowing individuals access to their true digital identity via identification and authentication, announced it has raised $3.55M in seed round funding. Led by Infinity Ventures Crypto, with participation from Jason Zeng (Co-Founder of Tencent), C2 Ventures, Sfermion and FBG Capital, this investment will be used to launch the platform to the public, allowing consumers the opportunity to create their very own social graph, serving as a “digital résumé” that verifies behaviors and interests via badges. This funding will allow Quivr to maintain its mission to allow anyone the opportunity to represent their most complete self as real and authenticated online as they can offline, with the goal of making the digital world more humanistic and trusted.

Founded by executives from Pearpop, Bridgewater, Vivun and more, Quivr will validate and authenticate the user’s personal interests/online footprint through a mobile app that is connected directly to other social platforms (i.e. Twitter, Spotify, LinkedIn, etc). Once they claim their verification “badge,” it is then minted into its own NFT, and recorded on the blockchain.

App features will include:

“At Quivr, our mission is to create a secure digital identity – powered by you, for everyone to represent their most complete self online and offline. We’re working to make the digital world a more human world; we believe people are best understood and represented when we embrace all parts of our human identity. Quivr allows people to express their unique selves on the web, with a trusted layer of verification.” said Raymond Lee, Co-Founder & CEO of Quivr.

Through unique badges that validates your true identity, the platform will aggregate from all other social channels to create one place where users can be their most authentic self. Quivr will impact the web3 landscape by establishing a universal social identification system for its digital audience. By year’s end, users will have the chance to use their badges and credentials to be awarded access to most relevant communities, DAOs or NFTs, whether it’s with artists, exclusive events, and other incentives that align with their verified interests. The updated version will also include:

“Quivr will allow us to stand apart from other musicians in the space by identifying and segmenting our super fans across both web2 and web3 channels.” said Dean Wilson & deadmau5 (720Mau5).

To learn more about Quivr, visit https://quivr.com/ and follow their Instagram or Twitter.
IG: @quivrbadges and Twitter: @quivrbadges

Quivr is an interoperable validation and social endorsement protocol for users to verify and authenticate their digital narrative. The platform allows users to more holistically represent themselves online, integrating key aspects of their social graph data in a fully authentic way. Founded by a team of proven start-up entrepreneurs with more than half a dozen successful new companies and over 150 mobile apps to their credit.

Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC) was founded to empower and invest in pioneering GameFi, DeFi and Web3 startups. The fund’s partners have invested in crypto assets since 2015 and have guided companies through a rapidly-evolving landscape. Since August 2021, IVC, currently the most active crypto VC in Asia with over 160 portfolio investments, has made numerous strategic investments into a diverse range of startups including Yield Guild Games (YGG) and the Japanese yen-pegged stablecoin, JPYC. It is supported by Animoca Brands, Digital Currency Group, Circle, SEGA, and more. IVC aims to innovate, build, and catapult forward the next generation of founders.

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