RFOX VALT Metaverse Launches MVP

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RFOX VALT’s MVP launch features the open blockchain vision of leading metaverse company RFOX through its support of multiple blockchains, beginning with WAX.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: RFOX, the fast-growing metaverse company building the future of the Internet, launched the RFOX VALT metaverse’s minimum viable product (MVP) today to selected participants. And as a testament to RFOX’s vision of an open-blockchain metaverse, we are proud to announce that RFOX VALT is integrating multiple blockchains within the VR metaverse, starting with its support of transactions on the WAX blockchain.

The RFOX VALT’s MVP launch is a major step forward in bringing RFOX’s vision of providing immersive metaverse experiences focused on retail, media, gaming, and rewards to reality. With this rollout, RFOX exhibits the possibilities created by combining the best elements of virtual reality, blockchain, and the early components of the new Web 3.0.

The RFOX VALT, the metaverse platform for the RFOX ecosystem, will be the integration point for the company’s products and services. The VALT connects RFOX’s products in multiple verticals that are crucial to the digital economy, such as online gaming (RFOX Games), NFTs (RFOX NFTs), DeFi (RFOX Finance), digital media (RFOX Media and RFOX TV), e-commerce and more.

During its MVP launch, the RFOX VALT will showcase the basic functions of the metaverse and use this opportunity to gather insights based on initial user experiences as they interact in this virtual world. Participants in this MVP launch will be able to use their RFOX ID to set up their avatars in the metaverse and get access to the RFOX VALT app on their Oculus headsets, among other introductory tasks.

Once MVP launch participants are inside the RFOX VALT, they will be able to experience and execute the most fundamental tasks within this metaverse, including the following:

In addition, SHOP owners will be able to add up to 20 multi-chain NFTs to their respective virtual spaces. They can also customize their SHOPs in the metaverse, including titles, descriptions, banners, logos, and accent colors.

The RFOX VALT team will then use the valuable feedback generated from this MVP launch to work on enhancements in this metaverse. Soon, more functions will be added to the RFOX VALT, including:

As the RFOX VALT launches its MVP stage, SHOP owners will have the opportunity to realise the utility and true value of their purchases, by being able to set up their virtual spaces to their liking thanks to tools such as the SHOP owners’ portal and more. Meanwhile, early adopters will witness and observe the foundational elements of the virtual shopping, retail, and entertainment experiences we have envisioned for this metaverse.

RFOX CEO and Co-Founder Ben Fairbank said, “The RFOX VALT MVP is a chance for our users, community, and partners to test basic functionality ahead of significant changes in form. What has been years in the making now takes its first step in becoming a reality in bringing together VR, blockchain, and early components of the new Web 3.0 and the metaverse movement. Testing the basic functionality is vital for the overall RFOX ecosystem as RFOX TV, RFOX NFTs, RFOX Games, RFOX Media, and RFOX Finance will all plug in to the RFOX VALT’s platform. The tools used to build these ventures will soon be made available to the creator community, as we now have more than 100 staff members dedicated to bringing this ecosystem to life and making it accessible to the public.”
Soon, RFOX will unveil additional details about the RFOX VALT’s MVP launch and beyond, including public access to the metaverse, anticipated enhancements, and more.

About RFOX

RFOX is a metaverse company with a mission to be the global leader in immersive metaverse experiences focused on retail, media, gaming, and rewards, through the RFOX VALT metaverse. Since 2018, the company has built the RFOX ecosystem of products and solutions that include online games (RFOX Games), white-label NFT platform (RFOX NFTs), DeFi products (RFOX Finance), digital media platforms (RFOX Media and RFOX TV), and more. Its main token is RFOX, the digital asset that fuels the RFOX metaverse ecosystem and its immersive technology.

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