Praegressum Coalition is hosting a Panel on Blockchain Innovation in the Public Sphere

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The Praegressum Coalition is hosting a panel discussion on innovative new uses for blockchain technology in the public services delivery sphere.

The panel will include experts in the industry discussing how blockchain technology will make it easier for governments to safeguard data, improve operations, and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in service delivery while also increasing trust and accountability. The panelists will also highlight new innovations in the field, including examples of successful governmental programs happening around the world such as the Horizon Program, the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure, Singapore Blockchain Innovation Program and the Tykn project, among others.

The Praegressum Coalition board of directors has said: “The Praegressum Coalition is excited to be organizing this event. Blockchain technology goes beyond just cryptocurrency, with multiple impactful potential applications in the public sphere to improve government service delivery. Proper government policy and a progressive attitude towards these possibilities is critical, and this panel is a step further in getting this conversation started.”

Further information can be found at the at the Praegressum Coalition website: https://www.praegressum.com.

The Praegressum Coalition is an advocatory organization for the local application of blockchain technology in the public sector, including the development of a progressive regulatory model that works for the United States, reducing bureaucracy and increasing growth and accountability.

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