OVER announces 7th edition of ARwards for most iconic Metaverse environments

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OVER, the decentralized infrastructure for an open, AR-enabled Metaverse, has announced the 7th edition of a fully revamped OVER ARwards called the Venue Design Contest. The competition invites 3D creators and designers to build environments in the OVER Metaverse, choosing from four different categories: stores, art galleries, music rooms and showrooms. A prize pool of $30,000 in OVR Tokens is to be split among the most impressive competition entries.

OVER has partnered with Landvault, Metahood, MetaMondo, PangeaDAO, Parcel, SandStorm and SpacesDAO to form the grand jury responsible for judging entries. The voting system employed is based on a decentralized community governance framework where the OVER community will determine places from sixth to 10th, while the ranking of those within the top five is then decided by the grand jury. The score evaluation takes into account technical prowess, artistic originality and creative vision.

Running from Oct. 4 to Dec. 15th, creators have 10 weeks to design and upload their projects, with the final rankings to be announced on Jan. 11, 2023. Wrapping up the contest will be the first OVER Digital ARwards gala, set to take place on Jan. 25, 2023.

Diego Di Tommaso, co-founder and chief operating officer of OVER, said: “The return of the ARwards is hugely exciting for everyone within the OVER community. The competition not only encourages the creative community to unleash the full potential of augmented reality but also demystifies the Metaverse, helping to ease the transition into Web3 for a wider audience. We are excited to see what new ideas and high caliber of AR environments will emerge from this year’s event.”

OVER is building the first augmented reality open Metaverse. Heralding a new dawn for the Metaverse, OVER enables users to create unique geolocalized experiences that bridge the gap between our physical and digital worlds. Utilizing best-in-class, community-driven 3D mapping, OVER provides users and builders alike with the opportunity to own AR Metaverse real estate, map their local areas to earn OVR tokens and explore Web3 like never before.

Committed to cross-platform interoperability, OVER supports real-time augmented reality capabilities, AI avatar motion-captured interactions and hyperrealistic NFT assets which, in time, will be transmissible between Metaverses. With more than 923,000 active participants, OVER is setting the standard for a decentralized AR ecosystem in Web3.

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