Online Blockchain Expands Operations to Fintech Hub Gibraltar

Online Blockchain plc (LSE: OBC) – the UK’s leading listed blockchain research and development company – announces the opening of a new office in Gibraltar. The new location is a strategic choice as the company develops its blockchain operations apace, in particular DeFi Protocol Umbria Network for which it acts as co-ordinator, adviser and administrator. Gibraltar offers a progressive regulatory environment and has gained a reputation as one of the world’s leading administrations for welcoming and fostering innovation and fintech businesses. This makes it especially attractive for companies operating within the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector.

Gibraltar provides its offshore corporations numerous benefits such as tax-free income and a low annual renewal fee.

“Online Blockchain is particularly suited to such a benign and forward-thinking jurisdiction, and can capitalise on the many opportunities that Gibraltar affords,” said Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain plc. “This environment will be a catalyst for further innovative developments and is the perfect location for the growth of Umbria, which has just launched its Layer 2 Decentralised Exchange (DEX).”

About Online Blockchain plc (LSE: OBC)

Online Blockchain (www.onlineblockchain.io) is a UK-based incubator and developer of businesses in internet and information-based technologies, including developers, administrators and custodians of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. The Company created ADVFN www.advfn.com and today still has a holding of 17.98% in ADVFN plc.

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