Near House by SupermoonX gathers talented builders in Lisbon for Nearcon

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With the support of Near Hacks, SupermoonX will bring 20 founders and builders on the Near protocol together at a private residence to discuss innovations and the latest developments within the Near ecosystem. This special edition camp will take place from Sept. 11 to 15 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Connecting the greatest minds in Web3 at Near House for a SupermoonX curated experience during Nearcon. Kicking off with the opening ceremony, Near House will continue with fireside chats, interviews and project discussions. All guests will be invited to talk about their companies and emerging trends in the Web3 and the crypto space.

Near Hacks runs hacker houses and hackathons to promote Near-native project development in the United States. Builders on Near can expect curated spaces to collaborate and learn, scaling their projects from MVP to seed and beyond.

Near Hacks is operated by Banyan Collective, a grant recipient of the Near Foundation with the goal of providing Ecosystem-as-a-Service to Near-native projects and businesses. Learn more about Near Hacks’ upcoming U.S. tour here.

Powered by the Supermoon Camp team, SupermoonX organizes special events with elevated networking experiences for talented professionals, founders and builders from different ecosystems with a mission to foster innovations and decentralization.

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