KLKTN and YOUNG MAGAZINE to launch Manga NFT Project in December 2021

KLKTN (Kollektion), a curated NFT platform today unveiled its upcoming collaboration with the editorial department of Young Magazine to launch an alpha version for their debut Manga non-fungible tokens (NFTs) Project, “code:Nostra,” on December 27, 2021. The project is the start of the “MANGA KOLLEKTION” where KLKTN will be releasing a series of different manga NFTs on KLKTN to support the creative activities of new Manga artists.

“MANGA KOLLEKTION” is a new category available on the KLKTN platform, and its first Manga series “code:Nostra,” is written by Yuma Ando and illustrated by Hideyuki Akashi. Limited copies of “code:Nostra” NFTs will be available on KLKTN within 48 hours after the Magazine’s release. Through the purchase of NFTs on KLKTN, fans will be able to collect their favorite manga artworks and support the creators.

“We have been paying a lot of attention to the growing interests in NFTs and we are interested in developing NFTs as a new opportunity for new manga work and artists.” said Young Magazine. “In particular, we think this collaboration with KLKTN which focuses on new manga and new artists is groundbreaking as we hope to grow manga together with the readers. We aim to create an environment where it is possible for both Japanese and International fans to enjoy and support new Manga artists and their works.”

KLKTN also plans to launch a marketplace feature within its platform by Spring 2022, that will allow users to buy and sell their NFTs, enabling both primary sales and secondary sales transactions through the platform. This will allow artists to receive royalties both from primary sales and secondary sales transactions enabling us to give more back to the artists and creators.

“Through this collaboration with Young Magazine, KLKTN aims to create a new and more enjoyable manga experience that will deepen the connection between manga artists and readers,” said Daisuke Iwase, Chief Executive Officer of KLKTN.

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