How to mine TRON to make money?

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As we can see, the TRON network uses a Delegated Participation Proof-of-Participation consensus mechanism and its TRX tokens are fully mined, i.e. they already exist. So I have to tell you that TRON token (TRX) cannot be mined in the traditional sense of the term.

Instead, new coins are generated and verified through a staking process that does not require the use of high-performance equipment such as ASICs as in Bitcoin mining.

This means that while POW (Proof of Work) based consensus requires miners to invest in powerful hardware, DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) requires investment in the cryptocurrency itself.

Under this consensus mechanism, the more digital currency users bet, the greater the chance of being selected as a super representative, thereby obtaining more TRX.

TRON token or coin is a cryptocurrency based on the TRON protocol. Just like how ETH was built on the Ethereum blockchain. The TRON cryptocurrency was created as a means of credit sharing, payment and storage. Those who own TRON will have full ownership of every data they create and how that data will be distributed to their audience. 

The new type of TRON mining only needs a mobile phone or a computer, and you can make money without leaving home.

TRON is the three major blockchain ecosystems jointly developed by global blockchain developers and developers, following the concept of «centralized network and decentralized network».

Is the largest mining pool of tron, register: https://www.defitrx.io/share?code=180671

Sign up to get reward: 800Trx

The minimum daily withdrawal amount is 4.2% of the principal amount. The maximum daily withdrawal amount is 8.0% of the principal.

Unlimited Rewards

Agency promotion (invite friends) has multiple commission income:
Invite new members to successfully register: (First-level members will rebate 30TRX, second-level members will rebate 20TRX, and third-level members will rebate 10TRX)

The invited members make a successful deposit: (12% of the member’s deposit amount can be obtained)

For example, A registered through your invitation link, A deposits 1000TRX, you can get 1000*12%=120TRX.

The invited members invest successfully: (rewards for successful investment of invited members: 10% rebate for first-level members, 5% for second-level members, and 3% for third-level members)

For example: A you invited has successfully invested in TRON, A has invited B to have successfully invested in TRON, and B has invited C to have successfully invested in TRON.

Invite more members to visit your invitation link, you will get more commission, the commission is directly credited to your basic account, you can invest in TRON directly!

Website: https://www.defitrx.io/share?code=180671
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAFE5rKqte_7dJAnuFt7NkA

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