Here’s How OVER Is Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry Via The TINUS Affiliate Program

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The fashion industry has been a cornerstone of every society for the longest time, regardless of personal preferences based on differing aspects like culture, ethnicity, background and location. This sector, along with so many others, should therefore be taking advantage of the vast potential of the different innovative technologies that are emerging nowadays which are also contributing to the seemingly inevitable transition into a Web3 era.

With that in mind, OVER’s new TINUS Affiliate Program aims to create a defined space wherein 3D clothing designers and fashion houses can sell their creations. The program relies on cutting-edge technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), NFTs and the metaverse.

The TINUS Affiliate Program helps 3D artists and fashion brands communicate effectively. Furthermore, it allows content creators to participate in Web3 via the creation of virtual clothing along with related accessories which may be subsequently sold through OVER’s global open-source AR platform, powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

As such, those participating in the program can help define ‘Digital Identity’ in correspondence to the OVER Metaverse. In this way, OVER’s decentralized AR platform allows all kinds of prominent figures in the fashion industry such as brands, individual creators and 3D designers to bolster their presence and spread their influence. In addition, the program also allows users to obtain OVR tokens as well as collect important feedback which can further help improve the product. All interested parties can register to participate in this program and learn more about it if they so desire.

OVER is a decentralized platform for promoting art without regard for dress codes, color restrictions, or material limitations. In order to provide the best possible experience, the platform aims to commit a dedicated page to the TINUS Affiliate Program, which will help provide important details concerning the application process. There is a form on the page that creators must fill out with their personal information and some creations. It is also strongly advised to read through the guidelines prior to submitting the request.

In terms of why the program matters, the world is quickly becoming more digitized with each passing day, and it is hence crucial for the fashion industry to progress along with this socio-technological change. With that being said, the concept of virtual 3D clothing no longer exists in the realm of science fiction, as through a combination of both OVER’s NFT Stylist Program and the TINUS Affiliate Program, creators who have a passion for fashion and the metaverse will have the chance to both earn as well as receive visibility for their respective creations. In 2022 and beyond, the emphasis will thus be about monetizing creators’ passions and ‘living’ the clothes, rather than just wearing them. Lastly, check out OVER’s Twitter, Discord and Telegram channels for additional information and regular updates.

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