Explained: can you eat bacon raw?

Can you eat your favorite breakfast food without cooking it?

We love bacon. And we love it really, really crispy. But whenever we’re cooking bacon, we wonder if it would also be OK to just snack a little bit of precooked bacon while we’re waiting for the actual treat to be ready for consumption. But is that actually save to do? Find out more below.
Whenever you buy bacon from the refrigerated meat case in your local grocery store, it will be raw bacon. It is not precooked but it has been cured with salt and additives. Those keep it from spoiling. Bacon comes from salt-cured pork belly that is then cut into thin slices.

Save to eat?
The very short answer is ‘no’. Even though the bacon is cured, it is still not save to eat raw bacon from the meat case. If you do eat bacon raw, you will be at risk of several illnesses that come from bacteria or parasites. Some examples of illnesses that you could get from eating raw bacon are salmonella or tapeworms. When you cook your bacon, you will kill the parasites and the bacteria. The bacon that you would find in the pantry section is precooked bacon. That kind of bacon is save to eat without cooking it since it has already been cooked.

So, to make sure you’re consuming your bacon in a safe way, always cook it till it is crispy (the ideal temperature is 145 degrees Fahrenheit). Not only is that the most delicious way to eat bacon, it will also help you stay healthy and parasite free.

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