Digital Asset Fintech Company, The Bayesian Group, Launch

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The Bayesian Group is a global digital asset fintech initiative consisting of a collection of strategically aligned businesses with the singular goal of moving the world into a frictionless, digital-first financial future. The Group currently operates with two distinctive pillars, namely:

i. Bayesian Markets: headed by Steven Walt, previously Head of OTC at Paycase Financial and National Bank (Canada). Bayesian Markets’ Market Making service uses proprietary trading bots to place multiple orders for particular digital assets across multiple exchanges, to boost overall liquidity. The Liquidity Provision service aims to provide wholesale liquidity to regulated digital asset on/off ramps to facilitate its use and broad adoption. Over The Counter (OTC) facilitates the purchase and sale of large amounts of digital assets, made possible by access to deep liquidity pools and proprietary trading algorithms without impacting market prices.

ii. Bayesian Fund: Headed by Kamyar Hazaveh, before joining Bayesian Group he was the Vice President of Fixed Income at CI Investments, overseeing $15 billion of global fixed income and FOREX assets for retail and institutional clients.

In the backend, the Toronto-based Group uses blockchain technology to make transactions and store data. After evaluating Ethereum, BTC Core, BCH and Litecoin, they decided to utilise the Bitcoin SV protocol. Many factors influenced this decision; however, at its core, the decision was based on the scalability of the network. The Bayesian Group believes in a world where everything is tokenized and transferrable to accomplish that fees need to be as low as possible to remove any barriers to entry.

The CEO of the Group, ex-Harvard, Computer Science alumnus with both legal and hedge fund background on the CV, Roy Bernhard, commented: “We have been open for business for a very short period of time so, to be already working with some household names in the digital currency world, shows me that we must be doing something right. We will roll out more details on how our services are truly unique in the coming weeks, We believe we have some algorithms and features that are game-changers in trading digital assets.”

About Bayesian Group:

The Bayesian Group is a collective of companies operating in the Fintech and Digital Asset Investment market. Bayesian Labs creates software, market research and trading algorithms. Built on top of that technology and research are financial services such as Market Making, Liquidity Provision and an OTC desk delivered by Bayesian Markets. The Bayesian Fund (a segregated portfolio) is an alpha-generating A.I-powered hedge fund that leverages proprietary algorithms to provide outsized returns to its institutional investors. The Bayesian Group is dedicated to showing the world the power of Digital Assets within a regulated, private, secure global economy.

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