DAO IPCI: Platform for carbon markets, environmental assets and liabilities

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DAO IPCI, a decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem for users to work with environmental assets, liabilities, and carbon market institutions, released and celebrated an important upgrade to its protocol.

The update primarily included new network functionality for green financial instruments, improvements to connecting IoT data sources for MRV (monitoring, reporting, and verification), the launch of a technical committee model, and a treasury model to hold an extended native DAO IPCI token distribution program, and finally a fresh Substrate version.

The commercial version of the DAO IPCI protocol is set to occur in Autumn of 2021 with the latest developments and milestones being presented in Q4 of 2021 at the UN Climate Conference COP 26 in Glasgow.

DAO IPCI got worldwide recognition in 2017 with the very first worldwide carbon credit transaction using blockchain technology, bypassing traditional carbon registries. Furthermore, IPCI has been mentioned by UNCTAD as an exciting blockchain solution for climate change and sustainable developments.

The deployment of the Technical Committee completes the intended emission of 7,5M MITO as mentioned in the whitepaper which will be stored in the treasury. Currently, the emission distribution plan is being proposed to the community.

The token’s main purposes of distribution will be to provide a full launch of the MITO market, boost non-commercial research and development of socio-economic and IT protocols, expand the DAO IPCI ecosystem, incorporate legal entities, satisfy legal and professional expertise costs necessary to support the implementation of DAO IPCI’s commercial version.

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