ARNO Set For Major Exchange Listings as Project Reaches Key Milestone

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ARNO project has completed the key milestones of its roadmap and is currently all set to make its debut on major exchanges post Initial Exchange offerings on four crypto platforms. The project has acquired necessary permits and licenses from the Bulgarian government to start production of its highly researched carbon nanotubes that would help in making energy storage more formidable and reliable. The company is basing its DeFi infrastructure and tokenomics on the success of its carbon nanotube business.

Defi is one of the most profitable and talked about investment use cases to rise out of the crypto market. However, as has been the case, with any popular use case of crypto even Defi has been plagued with several under-par projects that only launch in the wake of the rising popularity of the market. ARNO is taking a different approach for a successful Defi token offering i.e build a successful project first and then offer a Defi token based on its success.

ARNO team has managed to research and develop a new form of carbon nanotubes that would enhance the existing capacity of Lead-Acid Batteries. The technologies for producing carbon nanomaterials, in particular carbon nanotubes, intercalated graphite, and graphene structures, developed and implemented for industrial use by the team over the past few years, allow us to produce additives of various types for various fields of application.

Manufacturers of electronic products, hybrid vehicles, and power systems are also benefiting from the technical practice, which allows them to create more flexible and high-performance offerings for their end-users. For the battery and energy market, carbon nanotubes, intercalated graphite, and graphenes serve:

ARNO plans to deliver a broad range of products and solutions to customers in every corner of the globe, serving key industries such as transportation, infrastructure, environment, and consumer. We provide performance solutions that solve customers’ challenges today while preparing them to meet tomorrow’s needs. ARNO’s commitment to innovation is driven by a passion to advance the customers’ businesses through the deep understanding of their industries and the global trends that impact their operations.

How to Invest in ARNO?

Investors can buy ARNO tokens now via IEO on three exchanges (in the launchpad section, like any IEO project), these are exchanges:

CoinsBit – https://coinsbit.io/
P2PB2B – https://p2pb2b.io/
VinDAX – https://vindax.com/

What Makes ARNO Unique?

Since ARNO, as a project, launched the IEO procedure, that is, ARNO tokens are sold on 3 exchanges, let’s talk about what the project has achieved so far.

At the beginning of the IEO procedure, 877 636 ARNO tokens were already registered in the personal accounts of investors. It is clear that not all of them were sold – some of them are bonus and referral accruals, the AirDrop program and Baunty, but, nevertheless, it is safe to say that the amount before IEO was collected in terms of more than $ 900,000.

About a quarter of the amount announced by the ARNO project was spent on IEO and listing procedures. Not only on those three exchanges where IEO will take place now, and this amount, unfortunately, will increase by one and a half times – large exchanges take large amounts. We have no right to name exact amounts, you yourself understand, but nevertheless.

Slightly more than half – the planned operating expenses, including advertising, plus the costs of already concluded and partially executed contracts for the deployment of production and, in fact, the workflow.

This includes expenses for the maintenance of the management company and personnel, deductions to the subsidiary (now we are creating a second – a full-fledged research and development independent enterprise), advertising costs and all sorts of small things. But most (about 90%) of the operating costs are contracts for the design, manufacture and supply of equipment for the production of carbon nanomaterials, from which we create additives that allow us to interest lead acid battery manufacturers in terms of production of the next generation. these well-known sources of energy.

By now, and this has already been highlighted in the information bulletin provided by the ARNO project, a subsidiary of the project – jointly with the largest European battery manufacturer, the MONBAT concern – ART Monbat ALREADY RECEIVED equipment and materials for the production of additives. The accompanying paper documents that passed customs – that is, official ones – were posted on the information Telegram channels of the ARNO project.

The products will immediately go for approbation and certification to the parent enterprise for the production of lead-acid batteries.

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