Superpower Squad announces preliminary results of internal testing of upcoming GameFi blockchain game

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Superpower Squad (SPS), an emerging blockchain technology company, announced the preliminary internal testing results of its namesake, upcoming third-person shooter game built on the BNB Chain that incorporates elements of MOBA, RPG, and Battle Royale. Within a week of its commencement, more than 5,000 players joined SPS, which is available on Android and iOS and can be found on their respective app stores.

The internal testing will run from June 20 to July 20. Simultaneous to its inception, SPS’ social pages have seen incredible growth, with over 37,000 Twitter followers, 29,000 Discord members, and 26,000 Telegram members (with over 1,000 messages per day) at the time of publication.

Regarding the results, Olivia, Representative of SPS, commented: “We are thrilled that over 5000 players have started playing SPS on Android in less than 1 week. The community traction, as well as feedback, have been nothing short of magnificent. We remain well-funded and committed to our goals of bringing SPS to iOS and having the play-to-earn economy online by the end of the year.”

The development team remains on track to incorporate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as playable in-game characters by September. Another main objective in its roadmap includes listing its native $SQUAD governance and $ECG play-to-earn game tokens, by the end of December, subject to market conditions. Eventually, SPS plans to introduce decentralized governance into its dual-token in-game economy by creating a Superpower DAO. Earlier this month, SPS received an investment from KuCoin, putting the firm’s valuation at $50 million.

Superpower Squad is a blockchain technology-based third-person-shooter game with gameplay elements such as MOBA, RPG, and Roguelike. The game supports solo and team modes, with an immersive gaming experience, diverse game modes, and a delicate Hero/Skin/Weapon upgrade system. Users can form squads and enjoy socializing in-game. Players can use the in-game editor Metacube to create their very own gameplays. Superpower Squad encourages creators to monetize their creativity in-game and form decentralized communities. More information will be shared with the community as the project evolves.

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