NEARStarter, incubator of Near and Aurora, will hold NSTART IDO on Jan. 9

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NEARStarter, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)-governed incubator on Near and Aurora, will launch its governance and utility token, NSTART, on its own platform. The initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) will be held from Monday, Jan. 9 to Thursday, Jan. 12, 2023.

NEARStarter is a DAO-governed incubator for projects launching on Near and Aurora. Their primary goal in delivering incubation services is to guarantee that outstanding Web3 projects receive the financial, marketing and business development support they need for product and process success.

The NEARStarter acceleration program is already recognized as one of the leaders in the Near ecosystem and has established partnerships with crucial projects, including Paras, Roketo, StaderLabs, Fluxus, OctoGamex, Ref.finance, Trisolaris, Near and Aurora Foundation among others. It has received more than 60 applications in the last month and shortlisted five to 10 different projects for incubation, acceleration and launch.


The NSTART Token provides you with access to the whole NEARStarter ecosystem as well as built-in incentives. From the moment you stake your NSTART, you get:

Access to IDOs taking place on the launchpad.
The bigger your NSTART stake, the bigger allocation you can invest in incubated and launching projects.

Governance participation.
You can be part of NEARStarter’s governance by voting on and discussing key points from projects and proposals.

Participation in the NEARIA index pool.
Staking NSTART is the only way to farm NEARIA, which will give you fractional ownership of a diversified portfolio composed of a percentage of all successfully launched tokens on the NEARStarter Launchpad, plus some core partners.

In other words, NSTART holders are guaranteed an allocation in any high-quality project that obtains funding through the NEARStarter platform using this method.

The IDO will be held on a first-come, first-served basis, with no need for a whitelist or Know Your Customer.

Investors must hold Ether on Aurora to participate in the IDO (ETH can be bridged to Aurora from Ethereum or Near via the Rainbow Bridge).

NSTART will cost $0.20 each, with 150,000 tokens for sale.

Since the market is expanding at an unprecedented speed, NEARStarter, as an incubator, must constantly seek ways to enhance the services it offers. The platform roadmap includes continuing to expand the utility of the “Vicious Fishes” nonfungible token (NFT) collection (on sale at https://paras.id/collection/near_starter.near) and supporting incubated projects through additional high-quality partnerships. The count with more than 15 different guilds of the Near and Aurora Ecosystem to bootstrap their operations and govern the platform.

Ramiro Gamen, head of accelerator at NEARStarter, shared: “At NearStarter, we see tremendous potential in Near and Aurora ecosystems. We have received more than 60 applications in the last six months, and it has been really tough to shortlist only 5 to 10 of them.

We have incubated and accelerated projects like lending and borrowing protocols, blockchain infrastructure providers, Web3 career hubs, or DeFi and NFT aggregators, as well as projects fighting liquidity fragmentation and user pain points resulting from the cross-chain nature of crypto in this early stage of life.

We are, therefore, very bullish for what’s to come in 2023 for us and our incubated projects.”

For the first cohort, the crypto startups have been selected based on solutions geared toward adding value to Near across four axes:

They come from various Near sectors, including decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming, education and NFTs. Let’s go through them one by one.

NEARStarter is a DAO-governed incubator acting as the ultimate growth engine for the Near and Aurora ecosystems.

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