Multichain makes leaps in the development of the multi-chain ecosystem

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Multichain, a leading protocol among cross-chain token and NFT transfer service providers released a whitepaper that outlines the details of anyCall – one of the most anticipated cross-chain products of 2022.

anyCall will lay down an infrastructure to be used by blockchains and Dapps to facilitate generic cross-chain communication. Primitive cross-chain technologies are limited to cross-chain token transfers, but anyCall can transfer arbitrary information across supported chains. The messages through anyCall are secured by Multichain’s SMPC nodes, which already secure assets worth billions of dollars.

anyCall opens endless possibilities. anyCall enabled multi-chain Dapps can process cross-chain contract calls that will allow users to access its features on all chains within a single transaction, which means a cleaner UI/UX and no need to access multiple bridges with complicated steps.

Curve.fi is one of the first Dapps to deploy anyCall, which streamlines reward distribution with cross-chain gauges that communicate across supported chains in real time to offer fair and accurate rewards to Curve users.

Web3 is amid an evolution in Dapp design. Dapps of the future will support cross-chain messaging natively, which will end primitive issues like Dapp cloning and liquidity fragmentation.

anyCall has already been deployed on eleven prominent blockchains and has been integrated by renowned Dapps like Curve.fi and Hundred finance, and more will soon follow. The multi-chain ecosystem is inevitable, the Dapps that do not adapt to this market shift will soon be replaced by new ones. anyCall is at the forefront of this evolution.

Multichain, born as Anyswap on the 20th of July 2020, is positioned as a fully decentralized Cross-Chain Router Protocol (CRP), an infrastructure supporting a multi-chain ecosystem. Multichain envisions to be the ultimate router for web3. It has taken an absolute leading position in the cross-chain industry in terms of its rapidly expanding ecosystem map (59 supported chains and nearly 3,000 bridges), large DAU number, and great product and technology development.

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