Lunar (LNR): The DeFi ecosystem and reward token that aims to streamline microcap crypto investing

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Microcap cryptocurrencies, that is cryptocurrencies with under a $50 million USD market cap, are one of the industries fastest growing segments, and for good reason. These crypto projects generate insane returns with relatively little investment, reaching ROIs as high as 50,000% within weeks. With that being said, actually participating in these returns is easier said than done.

Take Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for example, one of the most popular blockchains for trading microcap crypto tokens. In order to purchase tokens on BSC, investors have to navigate at least three different applications: one to purchase the native Binance Smart Chain Coin (BNB), a wallet to hold the BNB, and an exchange to swap the BNB for other Binance Smart Chain tokens. On top of that, the integrations between these applications can be buggy and difficult to enable, leaving new, and even seasoned investors frustrated and potentially unable to capitalize on the next opportunity.

The team at Lunar DeFi plans to change this with their Lunar DEX Wallet, an application that aims to revolutionize microcap cryptocurrency trading by unifying the entire process under a single, streamlined platform. Their goal is to bring a Robinhood-like user experience to microcap crypto investing, making the process far less difficult and time consuming for seasoned investors, as well as significantly reducing the barrier to entry for new investors.

The Lunar team doesn’t plan to stop here. The Lunar DEX Wallet is one component of a larger DeFi ecosystem they are building, one that rewards those who participate.

The Lunar Token (LNR):

At the core of the Lunar Ecosystem is the Lunar Token (LNR), which distributes 3% of LNR transactions and a percentage of Lunar DEX Wallet transactions to holders in passive earnings, allowing the community to benefit from the success of the ecosystem beyond the increase in value of their holdings.

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