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We all probably know what Forex is about. Forex is centered on people and institutions who make orders to buy and sell certain trading assets. So a trader, be it an individual trader who works directly with a broker or a professional trader who works under an institution, has to analyze the situation in the market and make buying or selling orders.

But there are also many professionals who make it happen and help traders along the way or those who help brokers find new traders. These are analysts who bring the whole ocean of information together at pick out bits of important information. Or trainers and coaches who help traders acquire new skills.

Another important link in the chain are online representatives of brokers. Those are the ones who spread the knowledge about the broker’s special offers and the great opportunities that open up with this broker for traders.

Basically, it is close to passive income. This is how it works: a person who has a popular blog on Instagram or channel on YouTube, or any other place where people can share information, shares a referral link. Then, when people follow this link, they receive a cookie file on their device. The device is marked with this cookie, so if they ever choose to open an account with this broker, the broker will know where they came from and will link their account to the online partner they came from.

After that, with every commission they pay, a proportion of this commission ends up with the online partner. It depends on the total amount of funds that this partner’s referrals deposited to their accounts, but this proportion may be 40-70% of every commission paid by traders to the broker.

What is more important, for some kinds of accounts opened by referrals, an online partner can receive as much as 100 Euro! Yes, your eyes don’t fail you, LH-Crypto offers 100 Euro for certain premium accounts that a referral may open.

So what do you need to do to become an online partner?

So being an online partner is almost like having a passive income, especially if you can reach out to a large audience. However, it’s not only about that, working along with LH-Crypto also means supporting your referrals and helping them with some things that may not be clear for them. But overall, it is pretty easy, and once your referrals find their way around, they will make many trading orders, and you will share the commission they pay with the broker.

What are you waiting for?

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