HeadsUp To Enter the NFT Marketplace with Major Global Partnership

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HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc. today announces a signed agreement with TOKONOMICA – a Madeira, Portugal based global leader in NFT technologies and marketplaces.  This emerging global sector will create substantial asset value and revenue to the HeadsUp business model. Both Parties target an immediate progression into a formal business agreement with the purpose of driving NFT orientated opportunities. As per the executed agreement, HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc. will act as an exclusive business development partner across North America, South America, and Central America.

TOKONOMICA representative, Dylan Mortimer states “We are confidant in this relationship and see HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc. as a valuable and integral part of TOKONOICA’s driving presence in the Americas (North, Central and South), and truly view this as a long-term business relationship.”

Block Chain, Fungible Tokens (FT), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and Cryptocurrencies are all highly specialized technologies and platforms and are expensive and often cumbersome for individuals to interact with. TOKONOMICA changes this.

The key to this new market world is the Non-Fungible Token, or NFT. This is a digitally created item whereby typically only one item is created. The purchaser buys it for their own interest, but also in the anticipation that it goes up in value over time like a digital trading card. Recent high level NFT examples are Basketball Star LeBron James releasing a digital picture NFT, as did Jack Dorsey – the inventor of Twitter – who released his first ever tweet as an NFT. Both sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Currently there are over 30 digital art items already trading over $1.0 million USD each and the marketplace is in its infancy.

TOKONOMICA is at the pioneering forefront of unlocking unimaginable co-created brand and shared consumer value, in the exciting new global landscape of NFT’s with their proprietary technology – STEM. STEM is a new and unparalleled technology platform that makes it easy to create NFT’s, maximize their initial value, then more readily increase their value over time. Essentially STEM offers the client a complete turnkey solution to not only maximize the NFTs value itself but also raise and maintain the company and brand’s value that is releasing the NFT.

The worldwide applications for STEM are universal in their opportunity. Previously, the few functioning NFT marketplaces were cumbersome, expensive, and technical. Further, they were designed with the NFT item itself as the focus.

The STEM process turns this around, not only focusing on raising the value of the specific NFT product, but more importantly on focusing on raising the value and success of the client itself. The opportunities are endless.

In the words of TOKONOMICA themselves, “We’ve built our STEM technology platform to be a bespoke, proprietary, unparalleled user experience tour de force – Ease of use, on a fully integrated platform with the user’s choice of blockchain. STEM allows any user to integrate with existing NFT marketplaces, or their own platforms.

HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc. is very excited to join TOKONOMICA as business development partner in unveiling STEM across the planet, and specifically across the Americas.

About HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc.

HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc. is a global gaming operator and media company focusing on online gaming, online poker, eSports, sports betting, online lottery, mobile 50/50, charity fundraising platforms, software and blockchain based payment solutions.


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