FXT witnesses a 23,025% increase in its token holders in a week

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FXT, the world’s leading trading technology platform that is currently running an ICO of its FXT tokens, has recorded more than 23,025% increase in its token holders and 19,554% increase in token transfers in one week.

FXT Tokens are Ethereum-based tokens that serve as a digital currency for diverse payments and trading. Based on blockchain technology, FXT Tokens hold significant potential to drive more transparent, secure, accelerated, and cost-efficient transactions. Furthermore, they are the only token for the Forex Trading market, positioning themselves as a distinctive digital currency for a new financial ecosystem.

FXT Tokens are available for investment via the ICO sale. The company will mint a total of 1 billion FXT Tokens and distribute them among potential FXT holders during various processes. Out of these 1 billion FXT tokens, 75% will be distributed during the Private and Public ICO sale; 20% will be given as an incentive to the participants for promoting FXT Tokens; and 5% will be reserved by the company to fund various activities like marketing, maintenance, and other customer support activities.

Currently priced at 1 USDT per token, the value of FXT Tokens is poised to increase with time, thereby amplifying the profits of investors.

The recent drop in the price of Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies has led to many crypto holders selling their assets. However, FXT Tokens are viewed as an ideal digital currency for HODLing – given their price and potential. The rapidly growing number of FXT Token holders is a testament to the same.

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