Find out: do you need to change the oil in your electric car?

Does your battery-operated engine need oil too?

Now that electric cars are becoming more and more popular, questions arise about the maintenance of said cars. Especially the question whether you need to put oil in your car like you would with a ‘regular’ car. We have the answer right here.
Electric cars use electric vehicle engines (EV). And those are very different from internal combustion engines (ICE), the ones that gas-powered cars use. An ICE consists of a lot of different parts that all need to move and work together to make the car move. EV motors don’t have as many parts and that is also why your electric car engine does not need oil. An ICE needs certain fluids, like oil, to make sure the engine can run and doesn’t overheat or gets damaged. The engine of your electric vehicle is most likely cooled by the air. Which means that you don’t need oil or other fluids to help your engine function.

Oil change
The fact that your electric car doesn’t need oil to function, also means that you do not need to change the oil in your car like you would with a gas-powered car. And that means that you’re saving money in that department. But your car is not completely maintenance-free. Always check the manual of your car to make sure you’re taking good care of it.

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