Bitcoin SV Headline Sponsor of Pool Premier League Live on FreeSports

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Bitcoin SV

The International Professional Pool Association (IPA) have agreed a sponsorship package with Bitcoin SV enthusiast and promoter, Calvin Ayre, for their upcoming Bitcoin SV Premier League live at: Freeview 64, Sky 422, Virgin 553.

BSV is the only coin with a blockchain that significantly scales (now), has robust utility (now), and is committed to a set-in-stone protocol for developers to build on. BSV is also the only coin that adheres to the original Bitcoin white paper. In short, BSV is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin SV Premier League 

Kevin Barton, Chairman of the IPA, commented: “Pool is one of the world’s only truly global sports and it great to have a new sponsor on-board that is a ground-breaker in financial technology. I am on a steep learning curve at the moment but the world of Bitcoin SV is fascinating.”

Calvin Ayre, founder of CoinGeek a Bitcoin SV news portal and mining venture, added: “This is huge opportunity to get the BSV message out in front of a mass audience and as a person who’s visited the odd bar over the years I’m looking forward to watching how pool should really be played.”

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