bitcci Eyes Major Listing Post IEO on March 1st

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On March 1, 2022, bitcci, one of the first publicly traded blockchain firms, will hold a token sale on the P2PB2B platform. The sale will run until March 31, and participants will receive a 10% bonus on their token purchases as well as membership in the bitcci community. Following that, on April 1, 2022, the project will be listed on P2PB2B and other exchanges. bitcci is a Swiss-based initiative that was founded in 2017 and is now led by Founder and CEO Christopher Elbert. The platform transforms the escort industry by creating an ecosystem based on innovation, transparency, and compliance.

bitcci uses blockchain technology to tokenize the adult business, making the payment mechanism simpler. Users can also link with nightclubs, portals, apps, cloud services, and bitcci’s academy through the platform. bitcci just embarked on two new projects aimed at advertising and keeping users up to date on important events. The first is bitcci.tv, a cryptocurrency and escort news site that keeps visitors informed about the cryptocurrency and escort industries. The second step is to post 200 enormous banners around Crypto Valley hotspots in order to attract new investors. bitcci’s top executive Elbert currently hosts live events four times a week.

bitcci Group AG also plans to launch its initial exchange offering (IEO) on 9 more exclusive crypto exchange platforms on March 1 in addition to the P2PB2B exchange. Indoex, Coinsbit, BitForex, and Dex-Trade are among them. Users’ privacy is never jeopardized on these exchanges because security is assured. Tokens will be offered for $0.002 each. bitcci Group launched an initial coin offering (ICO) in 2021, which has raised over $4.8 million and attracted over 3,400 token holders. The ICO is now 38.93% complete, with almost 7.8 billion bitcci cash tokens sold for 0.00166 CHF each. The ICO will run for another 50 days.

bitcci revolutionises and tokenizes the sex market, and you will benefit. Nightclubs, portals, apps, cloud services, and a blockchain-based payment system have all been developed as part of the company’s ecosystem. bitcci.tv is one of the latest services that has been added to the platform. They’ll be broadcasting cryptocurrency news on bitcci.tv, keeping you up to current on the market. In addition, the company has already placed 200 large street banners across Crypto Valley hotspots to entice potential investors.

The bitcci Group has raised over $4.8 million and has over 3,400 token holders after offering bitcci cash tokens in an initial coin offering (ICO) in 2021. The startup is developing a brand-new sex market for the future generation, based on a worldwide blockchain ecosystem. Their goal is to eliminate problems and make sex industries legal, safe, and free.

bitcci is not just building a decentralized platform to revolutionize the sex industry, it’s building a whole ecosystem along with it to support the system. There are numerous infrastructures and services being built to make the ecosystem more lucrative and complete.

New IT solutions at the Bank level: bitcci systems develop high-performance, highly secure, and compliant IT solutions for the bitcci ecosystem, our group companies, and close business partners.

Portals, Apps & Cloud solutions: Based on the bitcci Systems IT platform we develop Portals, native Apps, and content management solutions on the latest technical level.

Consulting, Traffic & Analytics: The bitcci Agency is one of the leading Partners for the European commercial love industry. We offer the whole range of professional Agency services, from campaign creation to realization and success analytics.

Blockchain-based Payment Systems: In close cooperation with our fully regulated and licensed fintech partners we create a high-performance payment system, which is specially developed for the needs of the sex industry.

The bitcci News Channel: Live in Q1 /2022
bitcci.TV is a dedicated internet-based TV channel on which our anchorwomen present the latest news from the bitcci ecosystem and important Blockchain news. Weekly in a modern, sexy way. The programs are editorially prepared to appeal to all partners of the bitcci ecosystem, Escort Girls, Customers, Investors, Affiliates, Marketing Experts, Exchanges, and Authorities. We have already expanded our existing team for our studio operations, content creation, guest interviews, interaction with viewers, etc. bitcci.tv will go live in the First Quarter of 2022.

To know more about bitcci visit www.bitcci.cc

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