Autograph Partners with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures to Release Exclusive Digital Collectibles from the Saw Franchise to Launch Entertainment Vertical on DraftKings Marketplace

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Autograph, the brand co-founded by Tom Brady that is pioneering a new era of digital collecting in collaboration with icons across sports and entertainment, has partnered with global content leader Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF.A, LGF.B) and Twisted Pictures to release exclusive digital collectibles from Saw, one of the most successful horror franchises in history. This series of frightening digital collectibles will be available exclusively for viewing on Autograph.io and for purchase on DraftKings Marketplace, by DraftKings Inc. (Nasdaq: DKNG) starting October 26th and leading into Halloween weekend. Following several successful digital drops within the past two months with athlete partners including Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka and Derek Jeter, the Saw launch marks a first-of-its-kind introduction to the entertainment space by Autograph.

The Saw franchise has taken in more than $1 billion worldwide at the box office. The Saw Chapter One collection will feature a total of 10,000 collectibles with three drop categories including keys, schematics, and traps all animated to reflect the iconic marks of the franchise and reveal Jigsaw’s inspiration for the series’ most carefully-crafted, sinister traps. In this gamified hunt, individuals who acquire a collectible from each of the three categories – whether from primary NFT sales, on the secondary market or both – will receive exclusive access to additional Saw content, which Autograph will drop into customers’ wallets on Halloween, October 31st, at midnight ET.

This collection is part of a broader partnership between Lionsgate and Autograph, bringing fans closer to the world’s most legendary blockbusters and television franchises. In the months to come, Autograph and Lionsgate are set to drop additional exclusive content from iconic franchises including John Wick, The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga, Mad Men and Dirty Dancing.

“As we usher in a new era of digital collecting, launching Autograph’s entertainment vertical with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures’ iconic film franchise Saw, we’re excited to offer our community a gamified experience to delight horror fans with these drops,” said Dillon Rosenblatt, CEO and co-founder of Autograph. “Our team is dedicated to creating an offering that is experience-driven, creative, and fun, and the Saw Collection will be a new and unique opportunity for our community and fans looking to own collectibles from each of the categories and unlock access to highly exclusive content.”

Digital collectibles for the Saw traps will drop on October 26th, followed by schematics and keys on October 28th.

“Our greatest challenge on each movie of the Saw series has been to push ourselves to bring our audiences something new, cool, and unexpected. We could not be more thrilled for the legion of fans who have followed us from film to film to see how we could thrill and surprise them. Those fans are who this partnership with Autograph is designed for,” said Saw franchise producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules. “These NFTs take the best of the Saw series of movies and amplifies them even further as fans can become part of Saw history – the Autograph NFTs are the ultimate Saw collectibles for the ultimate Saw fan!”

“The traps are favorite elements of the Saw franchise, and we’re thrilled to bring them to life for our community of Saw fans through the Saw Chapter One collection,” added Jenefer Brown, executive vice president and head of Lionsgate Global Live, Interactive and Location-Based Entertainment. “Saw movie releases are a Halloween tradition so there was no question we had to drop the first series of Saw digital collectibles timed to Halloween too.”

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